Our Pastor


Andrew and Sue Matthews

Hi, my name is Andrew.  My wife Sue and I have lived on the Eastern Shore since July of 2013.  Here on the Eastern Shore people are put in one of two categories: you are either a “from here” or you are a “come here.”  Sue and I want to add a third category that best describes us: LOVE it here!  We love living on the Eastern Shore and all that the shore has to offer.  With the exception of the cold months of the year, in our free time you will find Sue and me either at Assateague beach, on our boat out to Metompkin Island or on our Kayaks fishing and clamming in Metompkin Bay.  While we are not originally from here, we feel this is the place we are meant to live.

I have been a pastor for 25 years and love what I do.  I would characterize my preaching style as expository narrative.  In other words I attempt to preach from a biblical text of scripture and make it relative to our lives today through real life stories that add flesh and emotion to the Word of God.  I’ve always thought it didn’t make must sense to keep preaching if people didn’t relate to what I was saying.  It is my life goal to help people better understand God’s reveled Word in the Bible, and to walk with them as they try to apply scripture to life in this postmodern world we live in.  My wife and I value every life God allows us to minster with here on the Eastern Shore.  We also realize every life has a story that is written page by page, chapter by chapter and is revealed as that person wants others to read their life story.  We would love to know your life story . . . or at least see the first page when you are ready. 

With Sincere Love,

Andrew & Sue Matthews

“Acceptance . . . It’s a SHORE thing.”


About Andrew:

Music: Definitely stuck in the 70s and 80s.  I love bands like CCR, Crosby-Stills & Nash.

Sports:  Yes please – I like them all.  NFL – New England Patriots (I’ve lived in the North East Most of My life) Baseball – The Red Sox (See above) and the Washington Nationals (they used to be the Montreal Expos). 

Favorite Movie: “What about Bob?”  This movie gives me a belly laugh every time I watch it.

In My Free Time: Which way to the beach?  By car, by boat or by kayak I’ll get there one way or another.  Seriously, just about anything to do with the water I love.