Visiting ZBC

You Are Welcome Here . . .

Come just as you are and allow God to meet you.  You don’t have to dress up or wear something special, come as you are.  It doesn’t matter if you have gone to church for years or if you are just thinking about going to church for the very first time, you are welcome at Zion Baptist.  Our church is a place where people of all different backgrounds can connect with one another and with God is the community that is Zion Baptist Church.  We have a saying at Zion Baptist . . . “Acceptance, it’s a Shore thing.”  Let’s start there and see where God will lead you in the ministry of Zion Baptist.


Where is Zion Baptist Located?

We are located on the corner of HYW 13 and Metompkin Rd.  See our home page for a map and directions.

Where do I park?

We have parking across the street from the church building and behind the church.  Please be careful crossing the road as traffic can come quickly off HWY 13 onto Metompkin Rd.

Is there child care provided?

We provide child care for pre-school and nursery from the beginning of the service.

Very soon we will be adding a Kids Church program for elementary age children.

Ask an usher when you come in where to take your children

Where do I enter the building?

The main entrance for the worship center is under the tower, on the corner by the intersection.

Do I need to bring money?

Only if you want to.  There is no pressure on anyone to give financially to our church. 

Is there a dress code?

Yes – wear some clothes.  That’s it.

What style is worship service?

Our Church has a traditional style of worship but we do it in a very informal way. 

Other questions?

Why not send us an e-mail through the Contact Us form on the Home Page.